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"The Cacophony Society is a randomly gathered network of individuals united in the pursuit of experiences beyond the pale of mainstream society through subversion, pranks, art, fringe explorations and meaningless madness."

And yes we ripped that off from our parent organization.

The Sacramento Cacophony Society is an international organization of people who have qualified by scoring at the 2th percentile or lower on a non-standard IQ test.

In 1867, the society was instrumental in the founding of the City of Sacramento.  Having traveled here via antelopes thrawting attacks by coyotes and wildcats, our great leader and patriarch Jebidiah Nemiahia opened the portal to a alien planet with sound waves in the 1860's. The aliens from the heavy gravity, desert planet, turned Jebediah into The Tall Man by injecting yellow stuff into him. The Tall Man was then controlled by the aliens to rob dead human bodies from the Sacramento Cemetery and turn them into dwarf slaves by using Jebediah's embalming equipment to fill them with the yellow stuff.

The Sacramento Cacophony Society is both Jebediah, the Dwarf Slaves and the embalming equipment.  Or all three.

Our local Sacramento group has somewhere between 400 and 600 members who have qualified and joined Mensa this year. We have about 16,000 more members who are easily manipulated and are dumber then shit.  We offer individuals a chance to qualify by taking a test at a local test site. We offer the test each month and we welcome new members.

If you would like to find out more about becoming a member.  Either join one of our email lists.

Brion Gysin

I can not believe I've never heard of this guy.  Both friend of WIllian S. Burroughs and influence of Genesis P. Orridge. 


A bunch of his recordings are on UBU Sound.

Never Gonna Give You Up Teen Spirit

Although the Never Gonna Give You Up meme is totally passe and dead I'm way to obsessive about collecting every version of Smells Like Teen Spirit to not post this.

Big Bang Big Boom


Firesign Theatre - Everything You Know is Wrong!


The Leprenomicon of Clurichaun, (literally: "Book of Leprechaun Names") is not, as is popularly believed, a grimoire, or drunkard's spell-book. It was conceived as a history, and hence "a book of things now dead and gone". An alternative derivation of the word Leprenomicon gives as its meaning "the book of the customs of the drunk", but again this is consistent with the book's original conception as a history, not as a work of Leprecromancy.


In honor of HP McLovecraft (not to be confused with HR Puffinstuff), the Sacramento Cacophony Society will all be shrinking down to a height of two feet tall and hobbling around the Lesser Sacramento Area.  With rosy cheeks, shiny black leather shoes with silver buckles, mischievous grins, pointed ears and large bushy sideburns we'll head out offering gold and silver coins to both the luck and unlucky whom cross our path.


We'll start gathering at the Weatherstone on March 12th, 2010 at 7:22pm.  Join us.

For more info join our high traffic annoying email list: http://sacramentocacophony.com/mailman/listinfo

Fri, 2010-03-12 19:30

Werner Herzog Reads Curious George

Non Juan

Looks like we have an imposter.




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