Sacramento Cacophony Society 2013 Santa Con

The Sacramento Cacophony Society presents...

~~THE Eleventy-Third Annual SACRAMENTO SANTA CON~~

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December 14, 3:00pm at the Sac County Jail.

So grab your Santa Suit and make your way to downtown Sacramento. Don't have a santa suit? Make or buy one, but don't show up in just a santa hat unless you have $1000's to buy us all drinks, all night. Yes, you WILL be Santa's Little B*tch(tm).

We'll start out at the jail, to hopefully impress them with our soberness and holiday spirit so that if we end up there later on, they will be nice to us.

The jail and train station are only moments from each other, so this will give all you folks from out of town an opportunity to meet up with us so we can get our Ho on.

Bring money for drinks.

Bring an unmarked drinking vessel.

Bring comfy shoes and warm clothes.

Bring gifts and crap for the shoppers and homeless.

Bring a musical instrument.

Bring a megaphone.

Bring a camera.

Bring your loud ass and your singing pipes.


When: Saturday, December 14th, 3:00pm

Where: Meet at the Jail in downtown Sacramento (7th & I)

The train station is at 6th and I. We'll be leaving the Jail at about 3:30 (ish)pm.


Don't f*ck with KIDS

Don't f*ck with THE LAW

Don't f*ck with SECURITY


Santa is just about the best response to any question asked, like "Who's in charge here?" or "What's your name?"

Tue, 2013-10-01 21:30

Green Ears and some Spock

Another excellent wayyyy beyond standards event led by the lady with signing hands.............hands waving

Santa for president...

I have always wanted to vote for Santa..